VIRAL MOJO Launched – India’s first MOBILE Generation NEWS Network is here


News Update: Number of smart phone users crosses a whopping 300 Million in India

Breaking News: VIRAL MOJO – A viral video news app which brings you video news in 60 seconds is now available. Opportunity for almost every smart phone user to become a Video Journalist.

Who Are We?

MOJO, quirky yet suave, abbreviating as ‘Mobile Journalism’ is here – India’s first MOBILE Generation NEWS Network.

Coming up with its first offering, India’s First MOJO mobile app, ‘VIRAL MOJO’, bringing you viral news in 60 seconds.

What happens in 60 seconds? An average human blinks 12 times, about 250 babies are born, 107 people die! About 72 hours of content goes on YouTube and about 3 lakh tweets happen. VIRAL MOJO gets you trending, viral news in just60 second videos.

VIRAL MOJO is download ready for Android users and will soon be available for iPhone users.

A dedicated team of over 50 video journalists with advanced mobile gear across India will bring this exclusive content right to your smart phone.

Over 90 percent of internet content will be video based in a couple of years. It is common knowledge that India has the second largest digital consumption in the world right now. Viral Mojo aims to cater reliable, concise video news to this generation of smartphone users.

Future Plans – MOJO TV

Immediately after the launch of India’s first MOJO Mobile App, will be a host of MOBILE Generation NEWS Channels under the brand name MOJO TV. MOJO TV will be launched in 10 different languages across India, all of which will be available on mobile and on most cable & satellite networks.

“It’s about 60 years that news broadcasting has started in this country. Time news gets an upgrade. MOJO is THE next generation of news! MOJO TV will redefine the world of news.  

MOJO TV will deliver to the sophisticated audience, local and global news content on a real time basis. It is no longer about Breaking News, it is about changing the Breaking News Paradigm”, said Revathi Pogadadanda, CEO of the company.

MOJO TV will optimize communications to accelerate the news collection, curation and delivery to the urban, suave and upwardly mobile audience in the age band of 15-40 years, by delivering the right message at the right place, at the right time.

Content with interesting take on developments, delivered in the most intuitive yet dynamic form. As an example, our newsroom will be LIVE on Facebook 360, Twitter & Periscope alongside the television.

Mobile News gathering is not just the future but is the present. As more and more content gets consumed on multiple platforms. We are in the process of putting up a digital news agency as a part of our growth strategy.

MOJO News Agency is something we are creating to gather news from across the country. The power of mobile phones in media is an untapped area & we will harness it effectively. We also intend to distribute the sourced content for free to media networks across the country and the world – this will definitely be a game changer”, said Hari Kiran Chereddi, Chairman of the company.



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