Editorial Policy

We take utmost care in the quality of the content created and curated by us. In addition, we are very choosy about the content displayed on the mobile application. To ensure high quality of content, we adhere to stringent editorial policies as appended below –
  • We collate from multiple source/s, including our own creation of content
  • We make best efforts to verify all data/facts in each of the video with multiple sources thereby ‘trying’ to ensure accuracy
  • Our editors review several articles, sources and data points to create original videos for our viewers
  • By virtue of reviewing several credible sources, we ensure our videos do not reflect views from one data/news source and thereby are as unbiased as possible
  • Multiple layers of review – Each of our videos go through multiple layers of filtering, including a self-review by the writer based on an internal check list covering language, grammar and content guidelines. In addition, the editor also performs another layer of review to ensure these guidelines are met with.
  • We take Content & related Guidelines very seriously – We believe in being creative instead of being copycats. Any violation/ill-use/unauthorized use of our content is not tolerated.